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Moms With Baby Purchasing Behavior Study 2015

The Mom & Babies Purchasing Study offers an exclusive exposure on the Mothers' market segment, especially with babies below 2 years old, both demographically and behaviorally, in making decision on baby products' purchase.

95.4% of household purchase is made by Mothers - in this case on baby products' purchasing.

Moms are still the key person in deciding which product to purchase, especially for babies' gears and needs. Most baby products purchase are decided by Moms, although seeking for reference are done beforehand, both through online search, other mass media or closest family and friends, in deciding which brands or products are the best for their children.

44.5% Mothers seek for product information before purchasing - 65% Mothers follow their family's recommendations.

Moms listen to closest relatives' recommendations when choosing which brands to go for. In this context the closest relatives include both biological and in-law families, husband as well as the neighbors. Other than seeking recommendations from closest relatives, Moms also use information and recommendations from the netizens. This behavior shows that Moms in Indonesia practices ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline) on their shopping behavior.

Demand on baby toiletries, baby's clothing and baby's formula reach up to 75% to 99% of other baby products.

Diapers is a basic needs for Moms with babies. The product usage are mostly high, although the usage of disposable diaper are still dominating the market, "cloth diaper" starts to gain popularity among Moms as it perceived to be a lot cheaper and an environment friendly product. Other than diapers, children below 2 years old are also in highly need to consume formula and toiletries products. Most babies and children below 2 years old in Indonesia are consuming formula in daily basis.