Why Choose Us?

Sigma Research is fully committed to every research we do – and this is clearly shown in the success of all our past market research projects. Through years of research expertise in Indonesia, we continually provide only the best results for our clients.  Our ability to transform the relevant information into new insights by enhancing your business strengths will create greater growth opportunities for your business. This information will provide you with new insight and lead to your business’ improved decision making

Our Clients

Over the years, Sigma Research has provided excellent research services to companies and government institutions from different fields and industry not matter they are big corporations or startup companies. With a strong experience of research team and effective methods, we make sure that every client that we have served, achieved product recognition and precise market penetration.  We have worked together with research houses - we make sure each client's project is carried out with high standards of confidentiality.

Our Services

Sigma Research telah ber-pengalaman melakukan survei terkait kebijakan atau evaluasi program dari instansi pemerintah, kemudian juga penelitian sosial dari LSM/NGO asing dan lembaga donor (UNDP, USAID, AUSAID). Selain juga berpengalaman dalam survei pada Pemilu Legislatif, yakni PDI Perjuangan di Sumatera Utara dan Partai Golkar sebanyak 39 Dapil kota/kab. di Pulau Jawa (+/- 10 ribu responden), Pilkada DPP Hanura di beberapa daerah, dan internal Partai Demokrat.